Saturday, April 14, 2012

Remember that...Oh yeah! Bike Commuting!

This is my first post in well over a year, and it follows my first couple of bike commutes this spring, and my first bike commute at all in many, many months.  
The winter wasn’t particularly long, but I was occupied with a new child (our second) which largely kept me off my bike. Mornings that I got up early (and there were oh so many during these past months!) and conceivably could have ridden to work…well, I was just too tired.  
But spring has come to New York, bringing along sunlight and a boost of energy that I hadn’t felt much all winter.  The kids are sleeping…better (fingers crossed!), and I’ve realized that getting on the bike in the morning to ride to work may be the ONLY chance I’ll get to ride over the next few years, at least until Juniors are able to ride along. 
I’ve recalled all the good stuff about biking to work. Getting to the office fully awake, alert, with a nice burn in the legs (I’m a little of out of shape), and with the ability to sit calmly in front of my office computer, with heightened concentration.  All that just from getting some energy out.  Beats feeling like a slug...Nice to be back on two wheels.

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Andrew Brown said...

If I didn't commute by bike, I would never get any riding in. Having young kids does that.